Hi. Mumble should remain up through the month of February. We will be switching to Discord and you should take the time to set that up ahead of time. It’s easy.

Visit: https://discord.gg/0gBTCrzQposaMZBm (Now a permalink!)

This will connect you to a browser-based version of the new server. Sign in with a username and then once you’re into the server, claim said username to tie it to our Discord server (and finish setting up your account).

Discord works fine through the browser but you’ll have more options, like the ability to set up a push-to-talk key, if you download the client @ https://discordapp.com/apps.

If you have any further questions, please hit me up. I’m in all the usual places but if I’m away for the day you can reach me at lucas@postblink.com via email or text me at 3194358227 – if you have a different number for me, keep it and use it, this is just a public facing number that forwards to it. Thanks!